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. >>> striking fear into the heart of hollywood's bigwigs. charlie sheen. >> when it show is run by nazis, it takes on a different light. >> he's a man who has never been afraid to speak his mind, and tonight he's at it again. >> that's my response to him, complete and total. >> people will tell you he's dangerous, unpredictable. that's exactly why i like him. >> i will say the time aged me, but it certainly put more salt in my saddle. >> charlie sheen, the g the bad, and the utterly outrageous. and the one thing you never thought you would hear charlie sheen say. you're not that crazy guy anymore? >> no, i'm not. >> welcome back, sir. >> thank you. >> ding ding, round two. this is "piers morgan tonight." >> good evening. if you ask me to name my top three all-time guests, charlie sheen would definitely be one of those. he's hahn, funny, candid, and gloriously unpredictable. i'm not even sure it's charlie. he's a hollywood veteran, but it's his roles off screen that have been grabbing headlines for years. there's no one else quite like charlie sheen. it's been nearly two years since i sat
them hope at some point. > two words strike fear in hollywood executives -- charlie sheen. >> that's my response to him. >> people tell you he's dangerous, unpredictable. that's exactly why i like him. >> i wouldn't say time aged me. but it certainly put a little more salt in my saddle. >> the good, the bad, and the utterly outrageous. and one thing you never thought you would hear char lee sheen say -- you're not that crazy guy anymore? >> no, i'm not. >> charlie sheen, round two. on "piers morgan" tonight. >> good evening. if you were to ask me to name my top three guests, charlie sheen would be one of those. he's a hollywood veteran but his roles offscreen, simply put there's no one else like charlie sheen. it's been two years ins is i sat with him. it's great to see you. >> like wise. >> you look great. >> i feel great, thank you. so do you. >> you've been doing a round of the shows and i think charlie is in good nick. >> thank you. it's called sleep. start there. start there. >> before we go any further, let's see a clip of the last interview we did. i think it will politely be des
strike fear into the hearts of hollywood big wigs, charlie sheen. >> when the show is run by nazis, it takes on another light. >> he has never been afraid to speak his mind, and tonight is no different. >> i was an ass. >> people will tell you he is dangerous, unpredictle. of course that is exactly why i like him. >> i don't want to say that time aged me, but i certainly want to say it put a little salt in my saddle. >> and the one thing you never thought you would hear charlie sheen say, you're not that crazy guy anymore? >> no, i'm not. >> charlie sheen, welcome back sir, ding, ding, round two. this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening, if you happened to name my top three all-time favorite guests, charlie sheen would be one of them, he is honest, candid, and unpredictable. i'm not sure he knows where he will go next, his off-screen roles are getting headlines, especially his battles with "two and a half men." it has been nearly two years since i sat down with him, and he is back again. charlie, good to see you. you look great. >> thank you, i feel good. >> are you making the
sheen say -- you're not that crazy guy anymore? >> no, i'm not. >> charlie sheen, round two. on "piers morgan" tonight. >> good evening. if you were to ask me to name my top three guests, charlie sheen would be one of those. he's a hollywood veteran but his roles offscreen, simply put there's no one else like charlie sheen. it's been two years ins is i sat with him. it's great to see you. >> like wise. >> you look great. >> i feel great, thank you. so do you. >> you've been doing a round of the shows and i think charlie is in good nick. >> thank you. it's called sleep. start there. start there. >> before we go any further, let's see a clip of the last interview we did. i think it will politely be described as the hiebt of sheen mania. >> addiction specialists, you' seen them all coming around the last -- >> i've been around them for 22 years. >> but the premise ofaire argument is you is that you're in some kind of denial and you never really stopped and thought i've got to sort myself properly. if you follow their programs they can work. a lot of people say it will work like me. >> and
trail. the return of charlie sheen. >>> lance armstrong talking to oprah winfrey, he admits using substances like cortisone and he wouldn't have won without adopting. using banned substances at the tour de france. most shocking of all he was not afraid of getting caught. it is all out there now. lance armstrong the biggest jeeter in the history of sport and shame on him. i want to bring in somebody, the former south carolina governor committed to an affair and found him a political punch line. he is making a comeback and running for congress and he joins me now exclusively. thank you for joining me. i am not linking what happened to you with the grotesque confessions spelling out lance armstrong. i have to ask you as somebody who has been through the minister of getting caught, doing something you should not have been and all the public abuse that comes your way and the downfall, what do you feel for lance armstrong tonight on that level? >> i feel bad for him. it is a remarkable storm that he is about to go through. i will suspect he will go through the steps of the personal jour
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with an interesting story. >> charlie sheen involved in this. >> on new year's day we reported that a 29-year-old photographer was hit and killed by a car as he was trying to take pictures of justin bieber's car in los angeles. charlie sheen heard that chris' family was trying to raise money for his funeral which will happen later this week. so he decided he was gone to cut the check. the story broke on tmz a few minutes ago. there is a copy of the check for $12,000 made out to the family. charlie sheen released a statement to tmz its setting "a tragic incident like this increases the line between the photographer and the subject. it's an unforgiving moment that guides us all to be human. parents should never have to bury their children." the sensors deepest condolences to the family. that is shedding some good light on charlie sheen, who in the past has been under scrutiny for some things that he's done. now putting a check for the photographers family to help them pay for the funeral. back to you. >> thank you. that was very kind. looking at 46 degrees. >> coming up, a scramble to deal with
ahead, charlie sheen names the biggest partiers on the planet. that's got to be quite a list. >>> plus, your weather as you head out the door. you're watching "early today" on nbc. >>> well, welcome back. pretty sample forecast for nevada, arizona, california. lots of sunshine today after a cold start. again, freezing fog until about 10:00 a.m. in isolated portions of seattle to portland. it is hit and miss where it is. same case will be tomorrow morning. too. los angeles, you're in for a stretch of just fantastic weather. all that cold conditions you had ringing in the new year are long gone. we are sitting pretty with sunshine across the board through monday, mid to upper 70s. >> what i wouldn't do to be in l.a.? >> that's a nice week to be there. >> so jealous of them. thank you, bill. >>> who parties harder than charlie sheen? according to sheen johnny depp and sean penn are both hard core, which is hard for sheen to keep up with. >>> well, actor conrad bain best known as the father figure on the '80s hit series "different strokes" has passed away monday at the age of 89. >>> al pa
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now from los angeles. everybody is upset out there i understand. charlie sheen is hanging around with the mayor of la. is that true? what's going on? >> well, before we start sellteg the different story the mayor is saying he posed with a shot with him. i don't know what the mayor is doing it is a waste of money. >> cabo san lucas is that where he was taken? >> he could go to san fernando. that's essentially tijuana and save himself a flight. >> it's a little cold out there in la. >> that is true. the ladies they are all covered up. >> what they said he said he stopped a took a picture with charlie sheen. charlie sheen said they partied for two or three hours. now you have to figure out who is lying is it the drug prostitute shepherd charlie sheen or is it the guy who failed the bar four times and changes his name? >> what did he change his name from to? i don't know that story. >> he started off as tony valar. he went all of the way through college then he changed his name to antonio veagarosa like we all did after college. >> just a little more ethnicity to the name. >> i don't
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it there, i guess. anyway. let's talk about what is going on with the mayor of l.a. and charlie sheen. >> well, you are in a very political town. >> right. >> and so you will probably get this better than most people in my up to, l.a., but this is the dumbest political movie have seen in a long time. mayor villaraigosa went to party in cabo san lucas over new year's and went to a place where charlie sheen was opening a bar. >> oh. >>> took a picture with charlie sheen. and so somebody asked him about it in l.a. and he said i was only talking to charlie for three minutes and i take pictures with lots of people. charlie tells us come o mayor, we partied for two hours. >> huh! >> he was drinking with the the best of them. he was -- there were girls around and whatnot. the guy's single, anyway, the mayor. >> yeah. >> but the may sor damage -- dodging this like it's watergate and just say yeah, you know, i was with him for a couple of hours, what is the big deal? he turned it into the big thing. >> yeah. >> it's crazy. >> i think he's in l.a. t to. people out there will probably forgive hi
. >> they did it with charlie sheen when the music stopped and they said "enough is enough" we will not give this guy anything. this is old. the sick act has gotten sick and charlie sheen immediately got religion because he wasn't bankable. when the kid becomes unbankable, that is when he will stop. don't hold your truth. >>shepard: charlie sheen came back ready to go. i saw him the other night and he seems to have cleaned himself up. maybe chris brown will find jesus. >> when they stop enabling him but i am not holding my breath. >>shepard: no breath holding here. thank you, fraser. someone tried to kill a grammy star in a drive by firing dozens of rounds at his rolls royce. he should have a rolls royce while he crashed in an apartment building when he tried to get were he and the passenger unhurt happened at 5:00 this morning, hours after he celebrated his 35th birthday in miami at a club. police do nut have any suspects. a wild snowmobile crash caught on camera you can see the guy, look here, and it gets weirder. stay close. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it
travels. kristen and eric? >> no kangaroos and charlie sheen and that is what we call a wednesday. >> there is no worry we will need the five second delay with charlie becoming a grandfather, right? >> we talk about that and him actually gracing us on the big screen again and i was stunned, stunned, charlie sheen has gone two generations deep. >> josh, thanks. tell scotty he is buying the drinks. >> it's on you, scotty. >> new this morning in the last two hours, fortune magazine released the best companies to work for. no surprise, silicon valley tech giant is number one: google mountain view based google is at the top of the list for the fourth straight year. business company is number two, and chg element -- chg health care is third. pay and perks are among the factors. >> investors are watching apple after shares dropped to below $500 yesterday. >> and president obama is ready to announce new gun control efforts. jane king joins us from the new york stock exchange. i am sure bloomberg is on the list for the best companies to work for, as well. >> good morning. we are watching
, we hear from the man who found her. >>> and in "the skinny," charlie sheen, everybody remembers charlie sheen, from bad boy to the most traditional role of all. the latest and most unlikely surprise, really, from sheen. he says it's one that makes him feel, quote, like the world's going to crack in half. >> that's a tease. >> yeah, winning. >> winning. i'll stick around to hear about that. >>> but first, let's talk about a messy weather system hitting states across the nation. >> from an ice storm to winds and rain to the threat of a significant snowfall, in southern california they're in the grips of an unusual cold snap. for drivers not yooused to icy roads, getting around was a challenge. for folks used to basking in the warm california sun, two layers and hand warmers were the must-have accessories. >> all right. in the state of alabama, a very strange situation there. freezing rain and snow hit the northern part of the state. a layer of ice coated the trees and power lines. in the southern part of the state, it was muddy and warm. temperatures there near 80 degrees. that's
a morality clause but charlie sinn -- charlie sheen did. john: he lands a show on his own. >> no embarrassment or fear. >> no. he is winning. i ended stand by bad news is profitable. is entertaining. of i was slapping gypsies i would not be highly employed but lindsay lohan? playboy or elizabeth taylor on lifetime they know they will get tons of publicity. people will watch. john: howard you are called the spin doctor? you try to spin for the better? >> i like that comparison. someone comes to me i have a problem. it is my job to do the test and ascertain if it is a true crisis or just a controversy. it is a damaging or something to blow over? that is the doctor comparison. john: ♪ if you were gay your career was over. >> i think that is true. i am gay and i have been alongside people when they come out. we have openly gay people on news channels and have gotten beyond that. john: rock hudson kept his sexuality secret spinet they bush and send them to brothels. >> but what do you think they would do when they got in the room? [laughter] john: a few things punishe
. charlie sheen may have landed on his feet quote-unquote but he had the best job on tv. the highest-paid actor and i doubt he matches that success. there is a price to pay. everybody has their own dna. people have controversy and come out but some are ruined. john: 3 million people watched that video is true. tom hanks, a dental washington, a tailor's with. >> justin bieber the biggest in the world allegedly doing womanizing but with just photographed smoking weed. what does he do? >> kennedy, a smoking lead with 18 yolk's find one that has not. >> i am all for legalizing marijuana. john: how the media makes bad news worse. why do -- what do we do know that ron paul is not president? >> no way they will stop the momentum we have started. into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for
't mean charlie sheen is ready to break out the rocking chair just yet. we'll show you what he had to say about his newest role when "way too early" comes right back. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we've got a lot of empty cans. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> enough with the real news on this wednesday. let's gather and the water cooler. what do you have? >> i think you should get con
>> here's a fun drama. mayor of l.a. was down in cabo with charlie sheen. when asked about it, he said this. >> i had a three minute conversation, took a picture with him. i'm in the picture-taking business. i take a picture virtually every single day 50 times and i took a picture with him. >> you know it is ramifications. >> you know what? i have never said no to anyone who wanted to take a picture. >> charlie sheen said: he also said they hung out with hot women and one porn star. who's right? >> charlie sheen's obviously telling the truth. we love you guys and viewpoint's next. >> john: the government considers saving the economy with a trillion dollar coin. and if you have two of them, you can afford to shop at whole foods. alex jones goes so off his meds that people off their meds just went back on their meds. the american people bailed out aig with $182 billion and now they may sue us over the terms of the bailout. which is kind of like france complaining we messed up their beach on d-day. and today is the birthday of both david bowie and elvis presley, neither of whom have
celebrities like willy nelson, jesse ventura, charlie sheen. >> we want our nation back and we're calling on each and every american citizen to stand up and demand the truth. >> reporter: and reality stars spencer pratt and heidi montag. >> spencer pratt, good to have you on with us today. >> thank you so much. i'm so honored to be on with you. you are a true legend, a true american patriot. >> look in the mirror. >> reporter: he does have vociferous visitics, including experts who monitor hate groups who worry about his influence during a tough time in america. however, jones sometimes seems to latch on to small pieces of information to prove his much larger, more sinister theories. for example, while we're here, he says this about an article he found on >> and they recommend having a one-child policy. >> reporter: and i looked up the article, and i have it. i can pull it up for you. it's actually a fluffy feature piece interviewing a woman who wrote a semi-jokey book about having environmentally friendly sex, in which she talks about doing dating -- >> and it slipped in there.
? it's not too bad. charlie sheen is going to be a grandfather as his 28-year-old daughter cassandra is pregnant. cassandra's mother is sheen's high school girlfriend. >>> elton john and david furnish welcomed a baby boy to heir family. the couple says their second son completes their family in the most perfect and precious way. >>> river phoenix's last film "dark blood" will make its u.s. debut at the miami international film festival almost 20 years after the actor's tragic drug overdose. >>> and finally, prince harry was named town and country's top bachelor. the prince topped that list with tim bebow and george clooney at number 23. jack nicholson he's still got it. >> don't know. >> we can only hope to make the list. >> there's always someone for everyone. >>> and this comes from connecticut where members of the talking heads and the tom-tom club put together a jam session with students who are still grieving over the sandy hook massacre. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow way up high ♪ >> proceeds from the group's recording of "over the rainbow" will benefit the newtown youth aca
understand that you have another big interview tonight, charlie sheen weighing in on this as well? >> yes, it's actually a way mature or a very different sounding charlie sheen. but he had a pretty ruined and testy encounter with himself a few years back. >> the other big choir is the lance armstrong. what is your view of him? >> i met him once at a party and i'm assuming he was in a bad mood. as he wasn't the friendliest guy in the room. but i'm sure people have said that about me, from time to time. not too often, because i'm pretty approachable. >> what did he say to you? >> i said mr. armstrong, i'm sorry to bother you, i sahi nam charlie sheen and i would to shake your hand and he said that's nice. >> it is hilarious and moving in parts. a very different sounding, different looking charlie sheen. much more mature. i think people will enjoy it very much. >> looking forward to it, piers. thanks again. >>> a look at this disgraced cyclist, the world according to lance armstrong this saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i sta
go, this internet firestorm that was created when actor charlie sheen tweeted a photo of the two of you in mexico together. it was over the holiday. sheen was claiming that he was partying with you in an event in mexico. he apologized later saying his words were misconstrued. can you explain what really happened there? >> hey, look i said all i'm going to say about that. the people of this watching your program don't care about me or charlie sheen. they care about the issue of gun violence. the issue of immigration. what we're going to do to address the need to get america's economy back on track. i'll let everybody else focus on all of that. >> all right. we're going to let you go. i think the people do probably want to hear your part of that. we will let you go, sir. we appreciate it. >>> more developing news to cover here on msnbc. there are reports that the president is poised to appoint the current chief of staff. joining me is kristen welker. >> i can tell you that jack lew has been the leading candidate for this spot. this is someone with experience in the white house and
with charlie sheen. something he has been asked about a lot recently and he pretty much dismissed it. >> mr. mayor, there have been scores of question about that infamous twitter picture that came from charlie sheen. >> infamous. i said i take pictures with virtually everyone. i have never said no in seven years when someone ask me for pictures. asked me to take a picture, i took it i had a conversation with him for a few minutes. thanks for inviting me into your home tonight. that's it fair, balanced and unafraid. >> sorting out fact from fiction in the siege of the sahara. tonight, the answers are far from clear. the terrorists say they took over a gas facility and took americans hostage. then, reports of a rescue attempt, of gunshots, of hostage killed. >> the situation is extremely fluid on the ground. >> there has been a variety of conflicting reports about the events there. >> tonight, the chaos in the desert and the lives on the line. he led notre dame to the championship game while reportedly grieving over the death of his girlfriend. then he said he learned she never even existed.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 99 (some duplicates have been removed)